Music Lessons

My Philosophy

I believe that everyone can sing in their own way and I aim to help people to find and discover their unique voice. So many people have had their confidence knocked from their school days when they were told that they were not good enough/talented enough to join the school choir or musical group. I know how experiences like that can rock your self-esteem. When I was a pupil in Primary school I had an audition to learn to play the guitar but I was rejected because I couldn’t hold the instrument correctly straight away! This did knock my confidence and made me feel sad.

I didn’t let that negative experience stop me and I went on to excel in many instruments in childhood and I went on to succeed in more in my adult years – including the guitar that I finally took up in my teacher training year!

Me with my French Horn

I now help children and adults to develop their musical skill alongside their self-esteem and confidence through taking music lessons with me. I teach a wide range of instruments and voice from beginner level to a more advanced level. My students learn to read and play music notation, to improvise and if wanted, to compose their own music. I teach sight-reading, aural and music theory skills alongside the actual learning of how to play a musical instruments/sing as I believe that they are fundamental aspects of learning music. Students can learn music for fun, to prepare for music examinations or a mixture of both. Examination board I currently use are ABRSM and Trinity and I have expeience of entering students for both in-person and digital/online examinations. My students gain the confidence to perform in front of others on stage or in an examination room, to record their own songs/performances or to just stand taller and speak up for themselves.

If you have got negative memories of music lessons in your school days then I want to help you replace those with new, fun and joyous musical experiences that will give you an amazing sense of achievement. Music can bring so much enjoyment and fulfillment to our lives.

The way that I see music is multifacted – just like a diamond is! There are many skills involved in learning music and taking part in musical activities. Music also relates to, and enhances so many other areas of our learning, life and health. This is why I am an advocate for music’s true value in education and scociety. I believe that music and the other Arts subjects should be nurtured and encouraged rather than squeezed out of the academic curriculum and life.

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