Life Coaching Testimonials

Kate, Spain

Emma has vast amounts of Empathy and patience. She doesn’t judge and puts you at ease very quickly. Emma is really nice and sweet. Emma helped me reach a pivotal moment during our session. This pívot ripples out and helps not only me, but my whole family. I’m super grateful to her.

Ivan, UK

I was at the crossroads in my career and I wasn’t sure what to do next, I knew I needed help to make an important decision in my life this is why I thought maybe a coach could help me. In the beginning, I was a little sceptical about the session yet Emma made me feel welcomed and safe from the get-go which helped me relax. She was very professional and trustworthy in her approach. Emma guided me through the session expertly and I was very surprised with the outcomes, action plan, and what I uncovered within myself. I am very grateful for this opportunity and feel lucky I spoke with such a lovely lady who helped me make a strong decision and to empower my conviction ‘I can do this’. Thank you, Emma! For anyone looking for direction, I can highly recommend Emma as an excellent coach who can help you move forward in life or career.

Emanuel, Romania

Dear Emma, Thank you very much for 2 lovely hours. It is more clear for me now what to do and how to do. You have helped me speeding the transformational process. You made me discovered so many in only 1 session so I need 1 month to process and apply everything. Thank you very much for such a great discovering session.

Stefan, Italy

Emma you are a great listener a big human being and a huge coach…keep on doing what you are doing in this world.

Jordan, UK

Coaching is most effective when the recipient feels understood and heard. Alongside practical guidance and encouragement. Emma ticked all these boxes for me. I only wish I could have a series of sessions with her to solidify her work.

Megan, USA

I highly recommend working with Emma as a coach. Emma helped guide me in the right direction by asking thought-provoking questions, using visualization techniques, and encouraging me to set specific goals. Her method helped me to gain more clarity and feel confident in myself and my future endeavours. Emma also helps to create an atmosphere in which you feel safe and comfortable. 

Laura, UK

Emma was very easy to talk to and I couldn’t believe she had only just qualified.I felt like I was in safe hands and she seemed very comfortable in this role of coaching. The session was very thought provoking.

Helen, UK

The session really focussed my mind, helping me sort out priorities to address and ways forward towards my goals.  You were a good listener and aided me in collecting my jumble of thoughts and needs to sort them into manageable plans in order to work towards meeting my personal challenges.

In the past weeks, with being able to ‘see the wood for the trees’ I have been able to sort out last year’s learners and plan for this coming cohort, calmly and in a more organised manner.  I will hopefully be able to make my work-life balance suit me better in the future

Fay, UK

I saw Emma for some coaching as I was stuck knowing what to do with my career. Her calm manner relaxed me immediately and her guidance allowed me to work out what was important to me. The techniques she guided me through really worked in removing my anxiety and I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone struggling with an area of their life. She is a lovely person, skilled at listening and helping you to reach your potential.


Emma provided the gentle nudge I needed to see my life from a different perspective. I loved the techniques she employed in our sessions. They felt like a fun game, and really boiled down my issues to what was important. I would recommend Emma to anyone who feels stuck or is looking for a way forward.

Siobhan, Spain

Emma is a fabulous coach. She’s kind, thorough, and gives you enough space in her sessions to move from muddling thoughts to uncovering how you’re really feeling around certain issues. In one session I was able to create several realistic goals in areas of my life that have been challenging me for a while. She was great and I would highly recommend her.

Orlena, Spain

Thank you Emma for a great session. It was great to have a look at some money blocks and work through them. Excited to move forwards now.

Shahida, UK

I was lucky to have Emma as my coach. I love how she instantly creates this open space to allow you to be vulnerable and go deep. Emma’s anchoring methods are so practical and I can’t wait to use them on a daily basis. I definitely feel so much lighter and clearer. Thank you so much Emma.

Destiny, Spain

Hey Emma, thanks so much for our confidence coaching session. It’s been two months and I can see how I’m feeling more confident in my speech and with making purchases. I’m currently building a new program and the words come much easier to my mind. I don’t feel so stuck. And I’ve also made several small purchases that feel like little luxuries to me. I’m training myself for a new story. I haven’t felt like I don’t know what to say since our session. Honestly this is amazing. Thank you for helping me believe in myself.

Zoe, UK

Thanks Emma Nottage for a great workshop. You have helped me to stop making massive ‘To-Do’ lists – breaking them down to bite-size.

Xenia, UK

Thank you Emma Nottage for the session today! It was very helpful and interesting and I feel a lot more confident that I can achieve my first goal. It also helped me break down where I need to start as I am often overwhelmed with all the things I feel I need to do. This popped up just at the right time for me!

Vikitha, London

I had a breakthrough session with Emma regarding my career and having paying clients once I finished my training. Emma had variety of tools such as visualisation, smart goals and anchoring to achieve my goal. She helped me to move forward by asking questions and guiding me. Emma is very compassionate about helping and impacting people’s lives with her knowledge. At the end of the session I felt confident that I can achieve my goal. The session gave me hope and trust that I can apply the tools from the breakthrough session to move forward in my business.I strongly recommend booking a breakthrough session with Emma.

Camilla, UK

I had a really valuable breakthrough session with Emma, working on some deeply-rooted stuff I’ve never been able to shift. Since our session I’ve noticed some real changes in my mindset- thanks Emma!.

Dempsey, UK

I feel blessed to have a coaching session with Emma. Before our coaching session, I feel like I need some “breakthrough” in some areas of my career/work. Though I wasn’t that prepared, Emma listened carefully to everything I had to say, by asking me follow-up questions to clarify myself and my thoughts. Emma is an expert in what she does because she is very confident in everything she says. She helps me to think on a deeper level and helps me realize that the answers to my questions are already in me. Thanks a million, Emma! Thank you for your professionalism, compassion, and coaching skills which help me to gain more confidence in life. 🥳

Ania, Croatia

Emma Is full of powerful techniques and tools that helped me to focus on the main issues of my project and clarify my goals. At the end of our sessions I felt calm and positive- Emma has a very soothing energy and loving attitude. 💛

Laura, UK

Emma has a calm attentive way of listening and challenging with her questions. I had no idea where the conversation would take us but it resulted in some helpful points to consider in my next steps

Sarah, UK

I had a fabulous coaching session with Emma Nottage a few months ago. At that point I had been procrastinating about getting my bookkeeping completed but it needed to go to the accountant quite urgently. Emma helped me identify some of my beliefs and behaviours and helped me challenge them, reduce their hold & to create a structure for moving forwards. We identified some words & actions that would be beneficial to me (efficient, proactive & organised) & anchored those in. By the end of the session I felt confident that I could achieve the tasks I set myself. Emma sent a copy of her notes to me which I do refer back to to help maintain focus and motivation. Thank you Emma, our session was & continues to be of great help.

Cassie, UK

What can I say Emma is amazing! I had a Breakthrough session with her and she really helped me to gain some clarity on current situations and create baby steps to enable me to move forward when I felt stuck. Emma is so lovely and patient and holds a beautiful, safe space for you to explore what is going on in your life and make everything feel more manageable! Thank you so much Emma! x

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