Coming Soon

I am launching the (£500) BETA version of an eight-week hybrid group coaching programme which will include weekly 1:1 sessions, weekly group coaching sessions and weekly group Q & A sessions.

If you are a mid-life adult who wants to develop more balance in all of the main life areas (Family, Career/Work, Relationships. Health & Wellbeing, Personal/Spiritual Growth and Finances) and to live in alignment to them then this is the programme for you.

It will also help you to develop the confidence to reinvent yourself and step out of your comfort zone into the career or life situation that you have always wanted.

I will facilitate you to discover your core life values, help you to set clear goals for yourself and conquer your limiting beliefs and Imposter Syndrome. I will facilitate you to make decisions to move forward in your life in a positive way and to stop living with a sense of regret. I will provide accountability to keep you on track with your goals and you will have a community of like-minded people going through the programme with you. After working with me you will have a toolkit of mindset, goal-setting and NLP techniques (including ‘anchoring’), in alignment with your unique core lvalues, gifts, talents, wisdom and experience to bring your life into harmonious balance.

Do you know your core life values?
Health & Wellbeing
Personal/Spiritual Growth
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